What is Casino Rewards?

What is Casino Rewards?

Casino Rewards is a network that is responsible for the operations of 29 of the biggest and award-winning online casinos. If you choose to become a member of any of the one casinos, you automatically become a member of casino rewards as well. Casino rewards has been a highly reputed name in the industry since its inception 15 years ago and overlooks all of the 29 casinos.

What is the method to join a Casino rewards member casino?

To join any one of the casinos, select from this list and start your casino journey right now!

The casinos support all platforms such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets, depending on your preference and availability. Having one account would grant you access to all other platforms as well!

You can also choose to download the software on your computer and choose from over 550 games to play from. The games have HD graphics, engrossing sound effects and contains adequate information regarding promotions.

It can also be played through your internet browser! This would skip the downloading that you would have to do and would provide you access to it directly from your browser.

You can also play it on the go by downloading the mobile application on your smartphone or your tablet! It would provide you access to over 150 games.

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What does it mean to have my own casino reward account?

Casino Rewards account would link the accounts you have on any of the listed 29 casinos. It would provide you an interface where you would be able to manage all of your accounts. The bonus money from any of the 29 accounts would accumulate.

What is a VIP Point?

The more you play, the more you wager, the greater the number of VIP points you would earn! Not only playing but receiving promotions in your e-mail inbox would also provide you with VIP points. These are credits that you can utilize in your free games and they do not have a deadline to be used till.

With a 1,000 points in your account, you can cash in whenever you would want to!

How do I check my VIP points balance?

The VIP points balance can be checked in two ways.

Casino Lobby- After loading, press Casino Rewards tab at the top of the lobby.

On your smartphone- Click promotions at the bottom of the screen

How do I redeem my VIP points?

If you have the Casino software on your computer, go to the green Casino Rewards tab in the lobby

If you are using the mobile application, click promotions and then ‘redeem now’.

If you are using the browser, then similar to what you do on the computer.

How long would it take to transfer the bonus credit?

The expected duration is five minutes but please wait up to two hours in case of slow servers.

What is the loyalty program?

The casino rewards loyalty program is designed for frequent users where you are awarded for your loyalty. The more frequently you play the game, the more bonuses you get and you will be subject to some great benefits!

How would I earn the status points?

The status points are equivalent to 50 VIP points. The number of points would indicate the level of status you would have in the loyalty program.

How do I climb up in the status program?

It is pretty simple to move up the order and it all it requires you is to play the game more frequently.

If you reach a new status, you stay there for a month, guaranteed. This is how you can maintain your level.

What do I get for being an ongoing member?

Being an ongoing member would mean that you are allowed to multiple promotions such as the lucky jackpot that is drawn after every 8 hours and would also result in increasing your status level.

Another benefit is the sweepstakes where you would get to win once in a lifetime prizes. Moreover, you could be subject to free bonuses. In case of queries, contact us!

How can I claim my sign up?

Deposit your claim and you would immediately get your first bonus. Do this by paying a visit to the bank page and choosing one of the methods. The methods are absolutely safe and secure. It would be credited to your account immediately.

How to deposit?

Firstly, hit the “bank” button on the software. This transmits you to the ATM.

Secondly, choose your desired method. e.g Credit card

Lastly, for a new account, you will need to provide payment account details. Once registered, you enter the amount and then you would receive a confirmation of your deposit.

How do I make a withdrawal?

In order to withdraw, you would have to convert your bonus into cash firstly. By placing sufficient bets, which is known as wagering, only then you would be able to convert your amount. To be able to convert all of your bonus into cash, the bet has to be 30 times of your bonus. Once the said required amount is there, you would be able to withdraw.

Methods of withdrawing

There has to be a minimum withdrawal limit of €300 with DBT/WIRE

There has to be a minimum withdrawal limit of €50 with all other methods

In order to withdraw, the user has the following steps:

Firstly, hit the ‘bank’ button on the casino interface

Then click the withdrawal tab.

Then enter the amount and click “next”

The withdrawn funds are held for 2 days during which the transaction can be reversed.

Due to strict security measures, the timeframe could extend up to 5-7 days.

How can I get email promotions from Casino rewards?

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What if I want to unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, click on the unsubscribe link and uncheck the box of the mailer you do not wish to receive.

How to solve technical issues?

If games do not load, contact our chat team.

If you face login issues, click on the forgotten/password link to reset the details.

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