At top Canadian Casinos, we highly prioritize the privacy of our users.

At top Canadian Casinos, we highly prioritize the privacy of our users.

Our privacy policy follows strict guidelines that ensure the protection of information that is provided to us by our users. The website primarily provides information and details regarding the gambling industry and the various casino games online. This page provides all the necessary information on our privacy policy, including how we obtain the information, how we use it and the methods to protect necessary information.

It is highly recommended that Canadian players thoroughly go through our privacy policy. The continued usage of our website would indicate that you agree to our terms and conditions.

The aim of the privacy policy is to inform you about the following aspects:

  • The different types of information we obtain
  • Our uses  of the collected information
  • The entities we share the information with
  • The methods used to protect information
  • The use of cookies
  • The policy regarding minor ages

The different types of information we obtain

Our website collects information that cannot be identified. We obtain information when a user interacts with our website and uses various services. The obtaining of non-personal information does not include the identity of the user.

The information that our users’ mobile and devices transmit through to us is categorized as technical information. This includes the software that a user uses, the type of browser, the operating system, the time of operation, language preferences and the website’s domain name.

Uses of the collected information

Information collected is used for the following purposes

  • To provide services such as sharing content
  • To ensure authentication of the users
  • To be able to update our users with the latest developments on our website
  • To be able to share different promotions and advertising activities
  • To perform analysis in order to improve the service provided
  • To be able to trial and run certain new processes
  • To be able to respond to our users’ inquiries and queries

The entities we share the information with

Our website does not involve the sharing of information with third-parties. The information is meant to be kept and secured. However, the information is subject to be shared with the companies that are in affiliation with our website, our contractors, and subsidiaries. Subsequently, the information may be shared with trusted third parties. The sole purpose of doing so helps the website to provide services and improve upon them. Secondly, it helps in the diagnosis of problems and develops analytics that further improves the service.

In other cases such as a request by formal and legal authorities, the information may be shared including the case of certain investigation activities. Furthermore, to be able to detect any illegal activities and fraudulent developments, to rule them out and provide our users’ foolproof service.

Safeguarding information

Protecting the information of users is the highly prioritized by our company. Standard industry policy and procedures are strictly followed, any use of unauthorized use of information by our employees results in strict disciplinary action. It is to be noted that despite our efforts, unauthorized access often leads to the compromise of certain information. We do take necessary steps but we do not ensure any warranty.

Use of Cookies

The use of cookies allows the website to track, analyze and store information pertaining to the users’ activity on the website.

Cookies are fragments of data that are stored on a users’ computer, containing the information regarding your access. The help the website in a lot of ways. Firstly, the cookies are used in order to enable automatic activation of particular features, storing preferences and making the interaction process convenient and quicker. If a user uses our website frequently, it would take him less time to load the website again. The cookies help in determining which user has already been visiting the website Following cookies are used:

  • Session cookies- They are stored for a limited period of time and deleted once the user exits the browser
  • Persistent cookies- They are permanent and not deleted with the shutting down of the browser. If a user makes revisits to the website, we are able to track activity with the help of them.
  •     Third party cookies- Any websites affiliated with us that run their content on our website make use of third-party cookies

Policy regarding minors

Anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited from using the services of our website. If a user is under 18, he/she should immediately exit the website and refrain from providing any kind of information.

Our website reserves the right to access and submit the information provided by the users. If a user fails to provide valid age authenticity, the website is subject to discard any related information.

We thank our users for reading our privacy policy and adhering to the laws and regulations.

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