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32red casino review
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Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase as the game is played. A win at progressive jackpot is usually a massive haul for the winner and the next round of play after a win is returned to a determined value while the game continues as before. These jackpots are popularly featured on a lot of slot machines and poker machines. Many machines are often pooled together to increase the size of the lot in many live casino locations. They also feature in many lotteries where money is brought forward for the next drawing.

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Progressive jackpots are the pick of the bunch for the online gambling community since it doesn’t necessarily require much experience for strategies, and the loss of a large pool of players is always gain for the lucky jackpot winner. Over the years, the shift to the internet has made us at 32Red adapt to the trend with our online platform at 32Red.com and the mobile platform. Many online casino enthusiasts have reservations about the veracity of huge online progressive jackpot winning claims, but with this casino, the claims are more than authentic.

32red in Canada has awarded many progressive jackpots over time and already has 2 players become millionaires from hitting it bigtime on the website https://holymolycasinos.com/casino/32-red-casino-review. Every spin you take on-site or online could launch you to the millionaire world.

This online casino currently features close to a dozen progressive jackpot slots with Cash Splash and King Cashalot slot as the clear favorites for online players. The latter features realistic graphics and sounds to give an unparalleled user experience and the feel-good interactive interface you get from a physical casino, while the former comes in two versions that use the same progressive jackpot. The symbols for these games are what to look for to win the progressive. If you’re new to progressive slots or the online casino world, you need not worry – A few must-have information and strategies to raise your odds for a big win are explained below.

Progressive Slots Stats    

We’ve established that online casinos and progressive slots are a big thing, and you have probably deduced that the online jackpots are way bigger than at land-based casinos because of the larger number of players. The name “progressive” suggests that the potential cash reward for the winner continues to rise as long as the game is not won. Regardless of your playing time, thousands around the world are vying for the prize at the same time and on the same game, you’re playing. Hence, you could be the one to take home the ever-increasing jackpot of that lengthy game you’re about to play.

Strategy and Tips    

It is very important to have at the back of your mind that slots are simply a game of chance. This knowledge is the most important to have when coming up with strategies to win. While special skills are not really needed to win, no harm in slot machine strategy. Effectively managing your bankroll is a smart strategy when placing your stakes. It’s best to always make bets that ensure your bankroll will last and keep you playing longer to raise your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Also, you need to always read the rules of each progressive jackpot game before spinning to avoid surprises. Some jackpots may require to bet a certain minimum number of coins to be eligible for a progressive slot win.

32Red provides options on each game with a progressive jackpot, and a win is guaranteed, little or huge - depending on the length of the game.

Hitting the Jackpot

It is possible to win big at progressive jackpots at any moment, but it takes a good strategy and time to hit these jackpots. The longer it takes, the more the jackpot skyrockets through to space. Your prize after winning these jackpots are paid in a manner dependent on some factors, such as the size of winnings, the game you played and the platform. A huge signed cheque might be handed over to you while you smile for the press, you just need to place your stake.

Beyond Slots

Other games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, etc. have their progressive versions, but are not as popular as progressive slots among online users. Table games that are progressive shouldn’t be difficult for the usual casino game player since they follow the same rules with side bets. No matter your game choice, you’re certain a winner will emerge.

Frequently asked questions     

How do progressive slots work?

These are just normal slot games but with a much larger potential winning. Progressive slots work similarly to one another. Each time a player spins the reel, a part of their stake goes right into enlarging the pool. It keeps on growing bigger the more players participate, till a lucky winner emerges.

How can I access this casino’s progressive slots?

You can either place your bets via the native 32Red mobile application or desktop. If you are a desktop user, ensure that your browser is flash enabled or if you prefer the mobile version, make sure your choice browser is also flash enabled.

Is playing them better than normal slot games?

The answer is yes. Progressive slots give you the chance to win life-changing millions compared to the few tens of thousands you can potentially win from the standard slot game. In a few seconds, you can win a prize a couple of significant millions of times your initial stake. A plus to playing the game is the huge excitement for the potential win.

And the odds?!

Although the odds are on the same level as that of winning as a lottery, the chances of winning a progressive slot game are significantly higher because you can play hundreds of times within a short period to make your fortune.

How can I win at a machine?

Like earlier said, the progressive slot is simply a game of chance and 32Red in Canada gives you an equal opportunity as any player to win. All you need is persistence and luck.

All you need to remember is the more you play, the more your chances of winning any progressive slot game. Your massive win into the millionaire club is still just another click away!

How often can I win?

With 32red Casino, your satisfaction matters. Hence, your frequency of wins depends on the game category and how often you place your stakes to spin the reel.

All you need to remember is the more you play, the more your chances of winning any progressive slot game. Your massive win into the millionaire club is still just another click away!


A lot of 32Red Casino Review has helped confirm the casino as one of the top-notch online based casinos where players can enjoy progressive slots. With about a dozen progressive slots games to pick from, and another 100+ existing titles, you can be sure your time at this casino will be worth it.

So why delay? Register now to begin enjoying an amazing bonus to play and win at 32Red progressive slots.

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