King Kong Online Slot – Jackpot As Big As the Monkey!

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Name:King Kong
Type:Video slot
FeaturesScatters, Free Spins, Wild symbol
Min bet:50
Max bet:500
Slot RTP96.64%

Who would even think that there is more than a century since the original King Kong movie was released? In 2005, they shot the remake, and that is when Playtech decided to create the King Kong online slot. We are sure it sounds tempting to start right away, but read our review first so that you have all the necessary information about the game!

Welcome Bonus
$1600 FREE
$1500 FREE
NetEnt / Microgaming
$1000 FREE
$1000 FREE
$160 FREE

Is the Best of All Slot Games King Kong Stars In?

You may encounter some other online slots featuring the famous monkey, but we will focus on this one, and why you should play it. For starters, let’s start with the unique feature of this slot game.

Unlike many other five-reel machines out there, this one features two playing modes. The developers decided to capture two of the most important scenes of the movie. The default is the Wild Jungle, and the bonus mode is the Dramatic Big City. The latter has the same paying structure, but it can offer bigger prizes than the jungle.

Are Movie Characters Featured in the King Kong Online Slot?

You will agree that there is no point in making a licensed video slot without featuring the original characters from the film. Our beloved gang is there, and it can bring you some hefty prizes.

Some of the symbols you will find include:

  • Captain Englehorn
  • Jack Driscoll
  • Ann Darrow

The cast from the 2005 movie was used as inspiration, which means that you can expect symbols that resemble the actors. Although you may like these characters, it is the Wild Kong that can act as a wild. Its sheer power allows players to use it as a substitute for any other symbol, and it also generates earnings himself.

You can also encounter the Scattered Kong whose position on the board is irrelevant, and you only need to land three of his symbols to win. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the graphics are vivid and sharp. The interface is easy to use, and you will quickly figure out the available controls in this software.

Are There Extra Features in Slot Games King Kong?

We can answer affirmatively once again because not only you can play the city bonus mode, but extra features are waiting in the jungle, too. The wilds activate a free re-spin feature while the scatters trigger the Skull Island bonus. Once you activate it, you pick the desired location and uncover a prize to collect.

While you spend your time in the city, you can activate the City Tower bonus. Here planes are attacking our favorite ape, but he tries to save himself by knocking them down. Your task will be to choose the plane to knock down and collect the prize located inside.

The Bottom Line

Who doesn't love to see the epic moments of King Kong fighting? This game portrays the movie atmosphere adequately. Even if you haven't watched the film, feel free to try this slot as we are confident you will be thrilled with its incredible visuals and dynamic gameplay!

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