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Our mission is to provide our viewers with information and all the help they need to find best and most reliable Canadian online casinos. The internet market is growing every second and so are the online casinos. More competition means higher quality, true but that's not always the case. When one searches for Canadian online casinos, hundreds of options pop up, however many of them are no good. We have made a list of the Top Canadian Online Casinos and also highlighted those having top-notch Canada online slots.

Finding Top slots games isn’t the easiest task but we've done a thorough research, tried the casinos, and looked into them so you don't need to. So now, we have determined the best online slot games. In order to decide the quality of an online, we run a number of tests to see where it stands. A number of parameters and features determine their worth. Promotions and Bonuses, Safety, Payout time, Choice of Bank, and their top big stakes are a few examples of those features.

We also put to test their promotional offers and their quality and stake sizes. Our main goal being, as stated earlier, to provide our viewers an honest and robust list of best casino slot games in Canada’s best online Casino. To play slot games online and other casino slot games, make sure you read till the very end.


In order to provide our players with an honest and legitimate opinion regarding any Casino, we make sure not to miss any minor let alone major details. We are well aware of the fact that different players have different tastes and hence would opt for different casinos for a variety of reasons. To filter out the good from the pool of bad, our group works tirelessly. The following viewpoints govern our tests and judgments regarding the quality of the Casino

Advancements and rewards - In the world of online casinos, welcome rewards and daily advancements are a charm. Not only do these exclusively lift your bankroll and enable you to begin your online casino travel on a high but also tell you a lot about the casino itself. As per our testing and classification rules, we put those casinos in higher preference which have better rewards and more free twists, keeping in view that the terms and conditions are reliable and make sense.

Payout speed - Online Casinos, unlike those in the physical world, take some time, usually a couple of days, to give you your payouts. These can be anxious days particularly on the off chance that you've won a big stake! But you don't have to worry about this anymore, we have narrowed down the Casinos which have a payout speed of less than 24 hours. Our main 10 Casinos are the ones which have a super rapid payout time and these Canadian online slots guarantee super quick payouts. It is often considered that the Canadian online slots are actually more efficient in paying out.

VIP programs - Some Casinos have large attractive welcome rewards but that's it. They don't have any day to day advancements offers, so it's almost as if they were catfishing their players. In our research, we took exceptional care to separate out such casinos from our list. So these Casinos not only have great welcome rewards but also have great advancements and VIP programs to keep the players happy.

Top big stakes - Not everyone is lucky everyday, that's a fact and bonanzas are every Casino's heart and soul. At Casino Tops Online we look for genuine cash Canadian online casinos that offer players an opportunity to take advantage of groundbreaking big stake wins.

Privacy, safety, and security - This is one of the first things that we consider in a Casino while running our tests. Your wellbeing and the safety of your money related data is a top priority. It is hence that the main casinos on our rundown are those that have high-class security and have an assurance of data wellbeing.

In a previous couple of years, Canadian online betting destinations have undergone a developmental blast. Additionally, this development has handed over the reigns of best slot machines to the Canadian Casinos.  With such a great amount of decision on the offer, you may ask what online website has the best slots.

Which Canadian locales offer the best casino slots payouts?

Our master counsel is set to test the quality of all the new slots in Canada and then list them statistically on our website. In addition to this, our team will locate and highlight the best casino slots payouts and the rewards they offer. This is the right destination for you if you want to find slots that offer genuine cash.

The Casinos listed on our site have the following offers

  • The greatest assortment of Canadian slots.
  • The best slot recreations highlighting fantastic designs.
  • Safe and secure online gaming arena.
  • An assortment of online slots, absolutely free of cost, for you to try out.
  • Online slots that offer a wide range of storage and withdrawal choices of Canadian CAD

With that being said, we can proudly and confidently say that our site has Canadian covered in terms of best video slots recreations. You can rest guaranteed that our specialists will survey and test casinos with the goal that you don't need to! Simply take a load off; realizing that we will present to you the most perfectly awesome slots game this nation brings to the table. Head on to locate the best Canadian slots online.

Slot machines are hands down the busiest, most attractive and the most energetic part of any Casino, regardless of the fact that it is situated online or in the physical world. With their numerous highlights, brilliant lights and noisy commotions, slots can regularly appear to be highly convoluted, so much that they appear daunting. Here are a couple of tips to shake off that hesitation and for you to get easily included in these slots:

1. Aim for higher denominations:

Opt for bets with higher denominations because expensive bets are more likely to pay as compared to the cheaper ones. Even when multi bets have a sum equal to one higher wager, go for the higher one as it has more chances to pay off. Say in a certain situation, you can either put down a $1 bet twice or a $2 bet once, we suggest you go for putting down the $2 bet once.

2. Say ‘NO’ to low betting:

Betting low might contribute more towards your loss than an actual win, so you need to put down higher bets to win big.

3. Complicated games will tone down your odds:

Slots having complicated and unclear guidelines are more likely to end badly. Lesser complexity means higher margin for winning.

So go for a single bet rather than a multi bet, as single bets are less complicated and have higher chances of pay off.

4. Ditch your regular go-tos and try out new ones:

Don't stay at the same slot for long, especially the one that is costing you huge mounds of cash. You need to test a slot before settling in, see if you like it, check if you can earn back at least as much as you invest, before adhering to it. If you don't like it, move on towards the next slot.

5. Quit thinking about the ‘Due' Payout:

Each individual turn at a slot is a game of pure chance. You shouldn't be expecting a huge win just because a slot hasn't been paying off since some time, because there is no such thing as Due Payout. Similarly, if you are winning big continuously, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will keep winning, you need to know when to stop before it starts costing you your win and enormous doesn't mean you will keep on doing so!

6. Tight machines are NOT a new thing:

Tight machines are those slots of poker that have lower payback percentage. Conversely, those having a higher payback percentage are termed as ‘loose machines’. Tight machines do exist although it sounds a little unreal. A few slots are actually looser than others, this means that it is easier to win large payouts at these machines. Machines having higher betting stakes usually the ones that are loose. So keep your safe distance from the cheaper betting slots and machines as they comparatively have lower payout and hence are ‘tight’. The expensive ones are your prime target.

7.The Coin-Play: Use coins instead of cash because coins help you save more time. So you can actually play more in less time.

8. Choose When to Give it a Pause: Slots can turn out to be exceptionally addictive, so be wary of how much time you spend. Decide beforehand how much time you want to spend playing and how much money you want to earn, that is, set a goal or target. Don't keep on playing even after losing, you will end up in an even worse situation. You can set a limit for your rewards. Say you achieve a specific milestone reward that you thought of, take it and leave. Sometimes (most of the times actually) getting carried away costs you a lot of money.

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